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  1. Select your region (choose from Europe, US/Canada and Australia)
  2. The competitions are filtered by start date
  3. Scroll the page to search for your favorite competitions
  4. You can easily see the main features of the competition from the list
  5. Click the icon to view the competitions details and prizes

..and now you know which competition to choose

Upload Your Catch

In Upload Your Catch you manage your catches, upload new, edit and make your notes.

  1. Add new fish log
  2. Enter fish species, weight, size, bait, location
  3. Add some notes if you like
  4. Select if you want to make the catch visible for your, friends or public – it’s up to you
  5. Choose which competition you can to enter into

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Latest Catches

Jason Conga Eel 40 lbs
Persa Pike (1) lbs
Persa Sea trout 4.63 lbs
SJBottomFeeders Carp 7 lbs
SJBottomFeeders Carp 31.06 lbs

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