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We are a couple of fishing buddies who agreed that we should have more possibilities to compete more often and easy with other anglers, either local, domestic or even international.

We decided to do something about it and created Anglers Agon


          We hope you like our idea.

Our idea is simple. We will try to make more angling competitions available. We will team up with awesome prize sponsors who think this is a good idea too.

We hope you will join a society of angling entrepeneurs

  It's really easy to join:

  • Register
  • Select a competition
  • Upload your catch
  • Location can be public, visible to friends or entirely private
  • You can make fishing notes. Manage baits & lures. 

Log on whilst fishing or at home!

Online Competitions

    • All Competitions are hosted online
    • You can select your Region, Europe, Americas and Asia
    • The competitions can be local, private, domestic, inter-regional, or even worldwide




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Anglers Agon is running fun competitions.

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